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Residence is a group of high quality apartment houses with a special focus on tasteful interior design, located in the prestigious 2nd district. The houses are set on a plot of exceptionally large area and low site coverage ratio.
Long-lasting value
Safety, peace, harmony, nature, devotion, quality. Due to these virtues, Pasarét Residence offers apartments with a long-lasting value. Apartments have been carefully designed with outstanding technical solutions of high standards and quality materials. All this, coupled with the charm of a neighborhood of hundred year old villas and a century of popularity, it is guaranteed that the apartments will remain sought-after on the property market in the long run. Professionals forecast a 3 to 5 percent value growth on the market of new-built apartments. Apartments in a traditional villa neighborhood are very much popular among those looking for investment possibilities in the property market.
Buildings and apartments
It takes only some months to build a residential building, a theatre or a monumental arts centre but we are unable to reproduce the great artworks of nature, like a tree or an existing fauna or flora which take decades or centuries to evolve. Thus, it is an exceptional opportunity if we can build our house in an area of century old trees.
All four buildings of Residence are different. Apartments, each having a balcony, are located on the garden level, first, second and third floor. Buildings are approachable through pathways and are surrounded by relaxing gardens.
Street connects the downtown of Buda with an elegant suburban residential neighborhood. As a dweller of Residence, you can easily connect to the circulation of a bustling city both through public and private transportation. There are many possible detours to avoid high traffic in the main hours. Due to its central location, Pasarét neighbourhood is very well equipped with infrastructure including a post office, a kindergarten, a school and a shopping centre in the close proximity. Residence, an unusually wide portfolio and high quality of services is offered. All apartments include a large balcony and a section of the garden.

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